Pondicherry C.M Shri V.Narayanasamy and Shri. K.Lakshminarayanan-
inaugurating the XuFancheng culture study center

Occasion Celebrating –  111th birth anniversary of Prof. XuFancheng and 70 years of India-China cultural relations

The Xu Fancheng Culture Study Center was established by the India-China Friendship Association of Pondicherry, India, with the aim of studying Xu Fancheng’s academic achievements, promoting Chinese culture and cultural exchanges between the two countries, and enhancing the friendship between the two peoples.

During the event, the book “Essays in memory of XuFancheng ” was inaugurated by Pondicherry Chief Minister V. Narayanasamy and the Chinese Ambassador to India Sun Weidong (online).]

After the opening ceremony, the supporting seminar on “Xu Fancheng and China-India Cultural Relations” was held, and the participants had a lively discussion on cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and India.


  • Shri V.Narayanasamy – Hon’ Chief Minister of Pondicherry
  • H.E Sun Weidong – Chinese Ambassador to India (online)
  • Shri K.Lakshminarayanan – Hon’ Parliamentary Secretary to Chief Minister of Pondicherry
  • Smt.Radha Srinivasagopalan – Director of XuFancheng Culture study center


  • Mr. Peng Shaoyun – Deputy Secretary General of Yunnan Provincial Peoples Association for friendship with foreign countries.
  • Mr. Yang Xibin – Director of Foreign affairs office of the People’s Government of Dali city, Yunnan .
  • Mr. Zhuang Haibo – Deputy Director, Zhoushan Foreign Affairs Office,Zhoushan city, Zhejiang.
  • Prof. Zhang Rumei – Director for International Exchange and Cooperation Division of Dali University , Yunnan
  • Prof. Ram Mohan Singh –  Department of Physical Education and Sports, School of Humanities, Pondicherry University
  • Prof. Ajeet Jaiswal – Dept. Of Epidemiology and Public Health, Central University of Tamil Nadu.
  • Dr. Bimal Kumar Das – Retd. Principal
  • Dr. Gopalan Seshadri – Former Prof. in Southern Medical Univ and Dali University China
  • Dr. Das Bikash Kali – Director, XuFancheng culture study center