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The West China Medical Center of Sichuan University is located in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, and is administered by the Ministry of Education. The Center was founded in 1914 and it merged with Sichuan University in 2000. West China Hospital of Sichuan University is consistently ranked in the top 3 in China for medicine.

  • Official Name: West China School of Medicine and West China Hospital, Sichuan University
  • Location: #37 Guoxue Alley, Wuhou District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, P.R.China
  • Founded: 1892
  • President: Professor Li Weimin
  • Party Secretary: Professor Zhang Wei
  • Beds: 4,300
    Employees: >10,000
    Clinical Departments: 46
    Non-clinical & laboratory departments: 9
    Outpatient visits: 5.73 million (2019)
  • Advanced areas: Adult Living Donor Liver Transplantation, Lung Cancer Surgery, Mini-Invasive Therapy, Cardiac Intervention, Treatment of Severe Pancreatitis by TCM Combined with Western Medicine, Minimally Invasive Gastrointestinal Surgery, Clinical Anesthesia, Medical Imaging, Nuclear Medicine, etc.
    Campuses: 3´╝îincluding the Main Campus (4100 beds) + Wenjiang Campus (200 beds) + Shangjin Campus (fully mandated, 1170 beds)
    Student enrollment: over 3,000 undergraduates (including about 600 international students), over 2000 graduates
    Undergraduate programs: Clinical Medicine (both 5-year and 8-year), Nursing, Medical Laboratory, Optometry, Rehabilitation Medicine
    Faculty: 315 doctoral advisors, 403 master advisors