Theme: Tourism makes the World and life better

We are showcasing the latest documentary series on Poverty alleviation by China through our official Youtube channel. Kindly follow the Video premiere date and description below.


The goal is to learn, compare, and try to implement similar measures to help poverty alleviation in our Country. The series will showcase video records on how China achieved eradicating Poverty in its Country.

Video Links and description  :

S1-Ep1: Story of 3 Sisters Riverside B&B”:Premiere April2

  • location: Jinjiang stockade village, Longsheng County, Guilin, Guanxi, China. 
  • summary: In 2017 there were only 168 peoples in 38 households. In 2018 Airbnb built two homestays in Jinjiang stockade village.  Three sisters name Miss.Pan Junhua, Miss. Liao Yanhui and Miss.Pan Yanxue were trained to become housekeepers. The video showcases how their life changed, how they succeeded through the difficult times. They learned the digital ways to succeed in their tourism business.  Staying back at their hometown, taking care of their elders and their triumph over poverty. 

S1-Ep2 Story of two villages 

  • Premiere April 2, 10:15 am 
  • location: Congjiang County, Guizhou Province, and  Xiaoshan village, Hangzhou.
  • summary: The real-life story revolves around Miss. Lan Haiyan, professionally an Agronomist. She comes from Hangzhou, Xiaoshan village (East Zhejiang Province ). She visits Congjiang County, in Guizhou Province year 2018,  to establish collaboration between the two villages, to fight against Poverty together. Miss. Lan Haiyan visits a “farmhouse leisure garden” in Xiaoshan village. and finds out the varieties of Lotus in Hangzhou, some are ornamental lotus flowers and other varieties, which grow in different seasons, that can be separated. Mr. Fan, manager of the farmhouse has an effective management system. Plantation of the lotus flowers following the natural environment boosts sightseeing and photography in his location. Mr. Fan’s idea is to develop the Farmhouse for both tourism and cultivation. A place for leisure and entertainment in the local area can help solve local unemployment and stimulate other businesses. Congjiang County is famous for the arts and crafts. Rural tourism, improving the local infrastructure, proper sanitation, and water conservation. The story tells about the two cities’ cooperation, which helped the locals find employment and helped to eradicate poverty through rural tourism.

S1-Ep2 City peoples love rural tourism 

  • Premiere April 2, 10:30 am 
  • location: Xiaonanjing village, Jinzhai county, Anhui Province 
  • Summary: The real-life story is of Mr. Dong Jinhe, currently 63 years old and pursuing Poverty alleviation through tourism in rural areas. Mr. Dong is the founder of the “Jinhe agricultural experience garden “, a rural vacation plan for City peoples. Mr. Dong, returned to his hometown in 2013 to help develop rural tourism. Before 2013, Mr. Dong lived city life for 40 years and had a good understanding of the needs in cities. He explains, that city peoples sometimes want to live in villages. Understanding their needs, he developed his model of rural tourism platform to attract the city peoples. Mr. Dong tells persistence is the key to success.

S1-Ep4 – Story of a cultural artist 

  • Premiere April 2, 10: 45 am 
  • Location: Zhongliao Village, Sanya, Hainan
  • summary: Real-life story of a cultural artist Miss Huang Jujin. After marriage got settled with her husband and kids. Before the village was not clean, the program called “ beautiful countryside “, helped in cleaning the village areas. The story tells about how cultural artists helped in developing rural tourism.

S1-Ep5 – The roads to poverty alleviation

  • Premiere April 2, 10 : 50 am 
  • Location: Laishui county, Hebei province 
  • Summary: The story of a county, where the villagers with zero knowledge and experience, developed rural tourism in 3 years. Utilizing the old houses, revitalizing and renovating them for homestays. Attracting the urban population for tourism. An inspiring story of unity, planning, and use of natural resources for tourism. 

S2-Ep1 – Longevity village 

  • Premiere April  2, 16:00 pm 
  • Location: Bama county, Guanxi
  • Summary: A village known for the long life of peoples.A rich and colorful lifestyle. Creating opportunities through roads for the villagers.

S2-Ep2 – Work is worship

  • Premiere April 2, 16:15 pm
  • Location: Jiangxi Shenshan Village
  • Summary: The story where connecting roads, brings opportunities. The story of a village where they began with rural tourism and achieved in poverty alleviation. 

S2-Ep3 – Story of Painters

  • Premiere April 2, 16:30 am 
  • Location :Longtan Village, Fujian
  • Summary: a group of villagers creates an artistic atmosphere in the village .

S3-Ep1 – Prescription for Poverty 

  • Premiere April 4 , 2021
  • Summary -Having lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty, what China has done was commended by António Guterres, the UN chief, as “the greatest anti-poverty accomplishment in history”.Who were the poor? What had to be done? Who were to implement the policies? The answers will be found in the 50-minute multilingual film. A Tibetan herdsman who used to oversee 6 yaks now looks after 600; A 14-year-old boy of the Yi People fought his way out of the mountains through a boxing program in his high school; With the help of E-commerce, 7.5 tons of unmarketable dried persimmon was sold out in a single live-stream sale…… The documentary depicts 9 poverty alleviation stories, analyzing experiences through the provision of employment, e-commerce, improving health care, the development of education and industries, among others. It also shows how the practices enlightened a Tanzanian sisal farm manager, a former Thai defense official, and many more across the globe. The film discusses the possibilities of how the experiences can be applied elsewhere, as eliminating poverty is an ideal shared by all, conveying a message that, on the path towards a better life, we are never alone.