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Mrs Radha Srinivasagopalan

President and Co-Founder

Mrs Shanthi Shankar


Bikash_Kali_Das - #QUOTES

Dr. Bikash Kali Das

Founder & Secretary General


Our objectives are Research and Development, International collaboration and networking, Youth development, Sister city projects, Cross-cultural communication and people to people exchanges 

  • Our main objective is to build international and local collaboration among civil society, governments, academia, and youth. Through cooperation, we can bring about the change required to work towards a new development model that focuses on Sustainable development goals and economic prosperity with the preservation and enhancement of our natural, cultural, and spiritual heritage.
  • Work with international organisations and local communities.
  • Undertake research studies, provide expertise, and create information and data networks with like-minded individuals and organizations. Internationally develop and promote sustainable development for the region and improve the quality of life.
  • Engage with International Youth, students and educational institutions.
  • Conduct seminars, symposiums, exhibitions and workshops to disseminate information to local and international communities, groups, college and university students, business corporations, industries, governments, and others.