Puducherry Liberation day

1st Nov. 2018

Photo exhibition on the heritage and culture of Pondichery was held at the Govt. exhibition centre of Pondicherry near the rock beach. The event was organised by Pondicherry integrated cultural & friendship association and was supported by Govt. of Puducherry, Dept. of Tourism


Every year 1st November is celebrated as Puducherry celebrates “Liberation Day”, commemorating the day in 1954 when French-occupied Puducherry was granted freedom from French control. The Union territory was liberated from the colonial French rule following a referendum in which all elected members of the territory voted against the French rule and preferred to join India. Subsequently, the French effected the de facto merger of Puducherry on this day in 1954.

The first European power to occupy Pondicherry was the Portuguese. The second European power to occupy Pondicherry was the French.De facto transfer of the four remaining French possessions to the Union of India took place on Nov. 1, 1954, and de jure transfer was completed on May 28, 1956. Instruments of ratification were signed on Aug. 16, 1962, from which date Pondicherry, consisting of the four enclaves, became a union territory. Puducherry celebrates De Jure Transfer Day right after August 15.

Pondicherry and Puducherry ?

In 1726 that the French occupied Puducherry. Actually, the Tamil name for Pondicherry was Putucceri(Puducherry), putu meaning new and ceri meaning village. It was the French who renamed it to “Pondicherry”, which was later renamed to Puducherry.