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Let’s celebrate this Mid-Autumn Moon Festival together with our friends and families, listening to fascinating cultural traditions of Chinese culture. 

Sun Feng as Moon Goddess

Let me tell you a love story ….; The time of ten Suns, and the story of the Moon Goddess Chang’E…..

Long time ago there was a beautiful lady named Chang’E, she had a handsome lover named HouYi . HouYi was a brilliant archer . As the legend goes, they say there were ten suns at that time and people lived in blistering heat. To save the earth, HouYi shoots down nine of the suns and in return, he received the elixir of mortality.

The Elixir of mortality was only one and Hou Yi never wanted to leave his love Chang’E, and he gave the precious elixir to Chang’E. One day, when HouYi went hunting,a thief came to steal the elixir. To save the elixir Chang’E took the potion, and she flew to the moon. She became the moon goddess, leaving HouYi back on earth. HouYi missed Chang’E, and he displayed fruits and cakes Chang’e liked as an offering to the Moon in the shape of moon cake …… In remembrance of their love, Chinese people, even today, offers fruits to the moon and eats the moon cake. This is the legend of the origins of the mid-autumn festival, which thus is also called The Moon festival……