Maritime Silk Road intangible cultural heritage exhibition 2019

NOV. 22- 27, 2019

The 2019 “Maritime Silk Road intangible cultural heritage exhibition”, is one of the important events of the 4th Maritime Silk Road International Arts,  was held in the coastal city Quanzhou, China’s Fujian Province, a city known as the starting point of the ancient Maritime Silk Road. Theme “Colorful Maritime Silk Road and Mutual Learning Among Civilizations”, the six-day event will feature cultural performances, forums on artistic development and exhibitions of international intangible cultural heritages related to the Maritime Silk Road.

There are foreign masters with 17 intangible cultural heritage projects from eleven countries outside China and inheritors with over 60 projects nationwide attending the event. Hand-painted Sicilian cart from Italy, Turkish art of marbling, Kuwait eggshell carving, Tunisian Tapestry, animal artworks from Africa, Kalamkari, terracotta, hand made incense from India, mosaics from Jordan, different civilizations, ethnic groups and religions converge in the pavilion to complement each other.

Most of the intangible cultural heritage China presented is a traditional art and traditional skills, including the Watertight-bulkhead technology of Chinese junks, Traditional Textile Techniques of Li Minority, Regong arts, Chinese paper cutting as well as traditional Tibetan incense making techniques, Suzhou, embroidery, coconut shell carving from Hainan, Chengdu Lacquerware art, Yangliuqing New Year Woodblock printing and more.