" Indian classical dance blend with the culture of  Dali stone museum"


2019 MARCH 13

March 13, 7 pm Pondicherry India China Friendship Association in collaboration with Dali national stone museum organized Indian classical dance Bharatnatyam at the museum auditorium. A mix of the Dali stone carvings and Indian cultural dance. The event was attended by the Dali local people and tourists.

The event started with a brief description of Bharatnatyam and India China’s cultural relations by Mrs. Radha Srinivasagopalan.  Then honoring the Director and curator of the museum Mr. Li Zhenkui by Dr. Das Bikash kali and is preceded with the Indian classical dance Bharatnatyam by artist Nandhini Jeevanandham.

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ABOUT – DALI NATIONAL STONE MUSEUM Shikong National Stone Museum is located in Old Town of Dali, Yunnan, China.it is built-in 2018. Even though it was recently built, it rapidly becomes a popular tourist location. While tourists Bikashkali das are amazed by beautiful stones and the elegant design in the museum, the background story of the museum brings them a heart-moving moment and a different view towards these stones.Mr. Zhenkui Li, the owner of the museum, has been collecting Dali national stones for 3 decades. 

It was his dream to presenting his collection to the whole world. Being a collector is not Mr. Li’s full-time job, he works as an architect in China. When he was designing the building, the picture inside the Dali stone contributed to his inspiration. He became obsessed with these stones and stated collecting boutique Dali stones in a crazy speed. However, a coincidence totally changed Mr. Li when he decided to discover the source of Dali national stone— Dali National Stone Museum Cangshan mountain. 

Mr. Li realized that to get Dali stone, workers need to blast away the mountain for the stone inside. Human is costing an inestimable amount of environmental damage for our own desire of beauty. Mr. Li decided to build a museum, to show people the beauty of nature, but more importantly, to remind people of the damage we bring to nature in exchange of these unique pieces. Besides, the benefit from the ticket will go directly to the protection of Cangshan Mountain.