Education Forum for Asia: 2015 (Asia annual conference)

  • 2015 Education Forum for Asia Annual Conference was held between November 6 to 8, 2015. 
  • THEME:  “Technology•Intelligence•Future”, will be hosted by the New Technology Development Center, National Center for Education and Development, Chengdu Municipal Government, Organizing Committee of Education Forum for Asia, Chengdu Bureau of Expo Affairs, and Chengdu Education Bureau.
  • The Education Forum for Asia was co-organized by Boao Forum for Asia, China Scholarship Council and UNESCO 

In the 2015 annual conference, politicians, Nobel Prize laureates, foreign diplomats to China,  renowned scholars, and representatives from educational institutions, international organizations, enterprises and media outlets will be invited to provide their insights and exchange their views over hot topics such as smart cities, creative industries, information application in education, construction of science and technology museums, ecological technology, new technology and youth development.