Dali city revisit

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Dali city, a prefectural level city located in “Dàlǐ Bai Autonomous Prefecture”, 大理白族自治州. Dàlǐ Bai Autonomous Prefecture, 大理白族自治州 is located in the west-central of Yunnan Province, southwest of China.

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Visit to Dali University

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June 9th, 2015 – Mrs.Radhasrinivasagopalan and Dr. Das Bikash Kali met with Prof. Alber Zhang, Director of the Physical education department(Sports science ) Dali University, and introduced the proposal of cooperation between Dali University and Pondicherry University in the field of Sports science, (Yoga and Taichi).

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Dali University

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Dali University is a provincial full-time comprehensive university located in Yunnan Province. The University has two campuses, one is in Dali ancient city (an old town or Gǔchéng) and the other is at Xiaguan.

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