BRICS Countries cultural exchange forum 2021 

Bikash kali Das #BRICS #trending

December 2th – 3th, 2021  BRICS Countries Cultural Exchange Forum​ (2021 金砖国家人文交流论坛​) was hosted by China Foreign Languages Publishing Administration 承办单位:中国外文局,当代中国与世界研究院 and Organized by China Foreign Languages Publishing Administration, Academy of Contemporary China and World Studies.

Young Leader Representatives from BRICS countries were invited to exchange views on how youth can join hands to cope with the common challenges and risks, including the slow economic growth during the post-COVID-19 period and the climate change. As BRICS countries keep developing, a bright future is ahead of the young generation.

Dr. Bikash_Kali-Das, Deputy Director of the XuFancheng Culture study Center expressed his views that the BRICS countries should carry out more exchange activities, use innovation and creativity to meet challenges, and build a cultural community of the BRICS countries. As a young man dedicated to promoting cultural exchanges between India, China, and the Eurasian countries, Das believes that the Youth intercultural Project is the key to bringing the BRICS countries together and promoting cross-cultural cooperation. The youth of the BRICS countries can work together to establish a framework for harmonious coexistence with the earth and achieve peace with each other, which is essential for accelerating the achievement of sustainable development goals.

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