Biodiversity of Pondicherry – PHOTO EXHIBITION

Photo exhibition to create awareness of  Biodiversity_in_Pondicherry.

Jan 31st 2022

the event was inaugurated by Mr. K.Lakshminarayanan Minister of Tourism, Pondicherry, India

India being a large developing country with nearly 700 million rural population was directly dependent on climate-sensitive sectors (agriculture, forests, and fisheries) and natural resources (such as water, biodiversity, mangroves, coastal zones, grasslands) for their subsistence and livelihoods.A loss in biodiversity affects the stability of an ecosystem resulting in a reduction of its resistance to disruption of the food web (by loss of the weak interaction effect), resistance to species invasion and resilience to global environmental change. The United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification aims to address the problem of land degradation, which is linked to climate change. It is important to note that the climate-sensitive sectors (forests, agriculture, coastal zones) and the natural resources (groundwater, soil, biodiversity, etc.) are already under stress due to socio-economic pressures.

Pondicherry mangrove ecosystem, one of the pristine mangrove forests in India has 23 species of mangrove and associated flora along with 80 diverse fauna as per this report, indicating a rich biological diversity.