Bikash Kali Das Beijing 2

What makes the 2022 Beijing Olympics so special? 

 It is set to become the first Olympic Games fully powered by green energy. Beijing is committed to its mission of hosting the “green, inclusive, open and clean” Olympic Winter Games. The Organising Committee’s initiatives include sustainable management of venues, low carbon programs, and sustainable sourcing.

Beijing has placed top priority on ecological preservation, conserving resources, and environmental friendliness.

In the Yanqing Zone, a series of environmental protection measures have been implemented in the construction of the new venues in that area. This includes the transplanting of millions of trees in the mountains, to be replanted upon completion of venue construction. Experts from Beijing Forestry University conducted an ecological study to ensure an effective transplanting plan in the conservation area in order to protect the trees during the process. Measures include a management and monitoring system for the transplanted trees, and the organizers say that the survival rate of the transplanted trees is over 90 percent. Other measures include extensive topsoil stripping, preservation, and reuse programs for restoration purposes after the construction is complete. These and other sustainability initiatives ensure that environmental protection is one of the Organising Committee’s top priorities.

Beijing 2022 venues will be powered by green electricity. Zhangjiakou is known for its rich resources in renewable energies, and much of the power consumption in the Chongli district, where all the Zhangjiakou venues are located, will be supplied from renewable energy resources.


Beijing is the capital of the People’s Republic of China. It is also the political headquarters and cultural center of China. It has been an integral part of China’s history over the past eight centuries, and most of the buildings in Beijing have at least some national historical significance. The importance of Beijing thus makes it impossible to understand China without knowledge of this city.both historical relics of an ancient culture and new urban construction, ranging from fast-food franchises to plush hotels for foreign tourists and corporate travelers, it has become a showplace of modern China and one of the world’s great cities. There are many fine monumental buildings, old restaurants, and centres of traditional Chinese arts and crafts. Winter in Beijing is long and usually begins in late October, when northwesterly winds gradually gain strength. The temperature from December to February is below freezing.

International attention focused on Beijing after it was chosen to host the 2008 Summer Olympic Games. And this year 2022 the international community is going to witness the Winter Olympics.