2015 Annual Conference of Education Forum for Asia focus on Technology and Education was held from November 6 to 8, 2015. The conference centered on the theme of “Technology·Intelligence·Future”.

It was hosted by the New Technology Development Center of China, National Center for Education and Development, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chengdu Municipal Government, and organized by Education Forum for Asia, Chengdu Bureau of Expo Affairs, and Chengdu Education Bureau.


Bikash Kali Das Chengdu education Ling Tao Kong 9

Education Forum for Asia was co-organized by Boao Forum for Asia, China Scholarship Council, and UNESCO.

Scholars and experts discussed over “Interconnection between Science, Technology and Education” International Ecological Technology” and other four topics.

“ China has gone through four stages of education internalization. It’s the epitome of Asian education transferring from the equity of opportunity to the equity of quality. In order to achieve this goal, all Asian countries need to have deeper communications in terms of the methods, aims, and contents of education”. 

Technology is changing the world and developing technology is a strategic action that enables humankind to rise to the global challenges and achieve sustainability. Education has a direct bearing not only on today but also on the future of all nations. Through education, talents that drive social progress are cultivated; through education, we disseminate and upgrade what has been known, explore what is yet to be known; through education, we are able to understand and change the world so as to create a bright future for the mankind.